A Glass Candle Holder Adds Some Serenity

newimageI have been really obsessed with the look of candles lately and how much they can do for your home. It is so refreshing to come home and to light up some beautiful candles and enjoy the serene mood. I got inspired to add some candles to my home from my boyfriend’s parents. They have a home that is always full of beautiful candles.

I really love how my boyfriend’s parents have a pretty candle in pretty much every corner. They have a large display shelf in their living room that has lots of candles and it is perfect for watching TV with the lights down low. They also have candles in their bathrooms and one on pretty much every table whether it is a coffee table or an end table.

After being inspired by some beautiful spaces filled with candles, I got some of my own and I have been really impressed with them. I recently got a glass candle holder that I have been especially pleased with. This holder features a classically beautiful design and is perfect for my coffee table. I am so excited to light up my candles every day and to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

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