A Cat Figurine Looks Great Next to My Shelf of Cat Books

cat figurineSince I really love cats, I have a lot of different types of books that are all about these animals. It is wonderful for me to be able to read fiction stories about cats and also some different kinds of stories that are perfect for younger children to enjoy as well. I have a whole shelf filled with some different types of cat books that I can read myself or read to my grandchildren.

For a while now, I have been trying to find something that I might be able to put in the empty space that is next to this row of cat books. It has taken me a while to find the perfect item that I can use and display in my home. I ended up purchasing a cat figurine that is just the right kind of item to have up there on a shelf where everything is already all about cats.

I love being able to see this figurine perched up there on the shelf since it reminds me of a cat that I owned when I was much younger. This cute cat figurine is one that I know that my granddaughters will love to see when they come over to my house as well.

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