An Eagle Figurine Represents A Bold And Courageous Spirit

rustic8There are a lot of cool figurines out there and finding some that represent who I am and what I am about is something I am always looking forward to doing. It is nice to have some unique home décor and my figurines are always the center of attention in my home. I have been really into eagles lately and that started after vacation one summer.

My family and I went on a summer vacation to Colorado one year and we had a great time visiting some national parks and taking in the beauty of nature. This was a memorable trip. We were doing some sightseeing one day and came across some local artists who were selling some handmade jewelry pieces. A necklace that featured an eagle really caught my eye.

I bought the eagle necklace that day because I felt that it represented what I strive for and who I am. An eagle to me represents a bold and courageous spirit and never giving up on your dreams. It represents discipline and inner strength and reaching your goals through that. I have been into all things eagle-related ever since and that is why an eagle figurine is perfect for my home.

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