Wedding Photo Frames Keep My Parents’ Stunning Memories Alive

ever1My mom loves to put together photo albums that represent our family’s journey through life. Our whole family was born in Russia and we moved from there when my brother and I were just two and three years old. We moved to Taiwan and then Canada, and then we moved to the US. We spent most of our lives living in Iowa and then my brother and I moved to the Seattle area after college.

Our family has had such an interesting and inspiring journey thanks to the hard work of my parents. We love to look back on how far we have come and to look at our photo albums that my mom works so hard to put together. I especially always loved looking at my parents’ wedding photos. My mom looks so amazingly beautiful on her wedding day. She got married in Russia and I always think about the fact that she would have never guessed she would be living in the US now and have the life that we have.

I loved the wedding photos so much that I knew that I had to get some wedding photo frames to capture those amazing memories. I got some for my mom recently and they ended up being the perfect gift for her. I love how stunning the frames are and that they display my parents’ beautiful day perfectly.

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