Texas Star Wall Décor Represents My Midwest Pride

I love to find some home décor that helps me to show who I am and what matters to me. Finding unique home décor pieces is something that always gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. I have a unique background and an interesting story, as do all people, and I love to show that to the world through my home décor.

I was born in Russia, but moved from there when I was little and spent most of my life living in the Midwest before moving out to the west coast. The Midwest is where I grew up and went to college and I feel like the experiences that I had there really played a big role in making me the person that I am today.

Since living in the Midwest was such an important part of my life, I love to find some Midwestern-style wall décor to help me to fill my home with the right amount of personality. Texas star wall décor has really been my obsession lately. This kind of wall décor gives my home a cozy Midwestern vibe and I love what it adds to my space. I can’t wait to find some more Texas star décor pieces that I can display throughout my home.

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